Monday, 12 April 2010

Old Lady with the Dog

I understand you've been coming to visit us for years and years and years and maybe even more years. From the looks of it your dog has been visiting with you all these years. Unfortunately I feel like your dog might not be making many more visits. His poor stiff legs point outwards when they should bend and remain under his body and he constantly lets out a bark every few seconds. I'm not sure he can hear so per chance he doesn't know he's doing it. Occasionally he wanders away, dangerously close to our stairs that lead to the cellar but similar to his awareness of his barking, I'm not even sure you're aware of his strays. Once he even made his way into the restaurant where I had to "shoo" him away and again, not sure you noticed.

Often times you come in on a Friday evening, our busiest, and just have a seat at "your table" no matter how many people are sitting there. Tonight, you let your dog sit under the table next to you and bark at the customers. Not everyone is comfortable with this. When you came in during our staff party, despite the notice on the front door that we were closed and the subtle fact there were NO other customers in the pub you and Fido made your selves comfortable. It was akward. We had to ask you to leave.

Every time you come in you order a portion of mini sausages by waving your hands from your table, not even bothering getting up. Some mini sausages you eat, others you feed the dog, and even others you place into a single napkin and into your bag. What happens to these sausages?
I also learned the other day that you drive yourself and mut to the pub. Considering your unawareness I desperately hope you do not drive far to reach us. Around the corner would be best but still unsafe.

Perhaps pubs and mini sausages aren't best for your and your pooch?

Will we see you and "man's best friend" next week? Guess we'll see.