Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Aftermath

Well, after my last blog I guess I should give an update. I wasn't exactly nervous or scared to tell my mother that I had a Vespa, I guess it had just been so long that I hadn't told her about it, an omission of the truth rather than a lie, that it was just a confession that had to happen. It would have come out somehow, I had even slipped up before by saying I had driven into central London but played it off by turning "driving" into taking the bus because at least someone was driving, but I don't think she noticed at all. I didn't tell her simply because I know she worries but I was thinking the other day about telling her when I remembered that both my mother and my father had their pilot licenses when they were my age, IN FACT, they had a plane! That suddenly made my little 125 Vespa that I've never been over 55mph on pretty insignificant. I can't even drive on the motorways or carry passengers yet.

Anyways, after my "blog-fession" my mother called me and we chatted about it to which she said said she didn't even know what a Vespa was and also that she wanted to drive it next time she came to London, so there ya go.

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