Friday, 20 February 2009

My "I can't wait to do that" List

So I haven't seen "The Bucketlist" and I haven't been issued any sort of death sentence but was inspired by an old friend who made her own "not a bucket" list. I've been fortunate to travel quite a bit in my life, taking off after university and working and traveling around the world and still "living abroad" except London is home now. I used to hate it when people said, "I wish I could do that," cause I always thought, "well, you can!" I wasn't stopped so why would anyone else be. All you needed was a plane ticket and a working visa and once you got somewhere you got a job and supported your travels. That's why I don't think anything on my list is out of my reach and they are all things I've really wanted to do but it was much harder thinking of them than I realized. Let's get started!!

1. Learn to knit

2. Frame some of my photography

3. Read War and Peace

4. Get a Chanel bag

5. Learn sign language

6. Go kayaking on the Thames

7. Volunteer in London

8. Run a 10k

9. Bake my own bread

10. Pick one thing to do in Time Out each month

11. See Avenue Q

12. Finish a G2 crossword puzzle

13. Win the G2 photo competition

14. Go mountain biking

15. Have my own garden

16. Adopt a child

17. Buy a house

18. Make pickles

19. Host my family for Christmas in London

20. Get my French back

21. Write a book

22. Send Christmas cards

23. Swim with dolphins

24. Rent the funny bikes in Battersea Park

25. Have my 30th birthday and 5th anniversary in VEGAS!!

26. Hike part of the Appalachain Trail with my dad

27. Go on Safari in Africa with my mom

28. Rent a old school red convertible and drive up the coast of California

29. Have a pet gecko

30. Work on a ranch

31. Take a yoga class more than once

32. Go to the opera

33. Eat sushi in Japan

34. Get a meaningful tattoo

35. Learn to wear high heels

36. Hold a baby tiger/lion/jaguar/elephant/etc

37. Donate my hair to charity

38. Learn my family history

39. Have a library

40. Write a letter to David Sedaris telling him how much I love his books

41. Apply for my British passport

42. Eat a currie in India

43. Stay in a hut on the beach in Thailand

44. Take a dog sled ride

45. Learn about different types of flowers and plants

46. Meet Dante Calabria

47. Have a quilt made from my old t-shirts

48. Have a huge 69th birthday party with all my friends from my life

49. Work in a stall in a market

50. Update my blog and keep adding to it as I mark things off


  1. A great list, but that was two months ago. How many have you done?

  2. So far I've finished a G2 crossword puzzle!!