Saturday, 14 February 2009

Saint Valentine

My lovely Valentines night was certainly a perfect evening for me. One thing I love about it is that it wasn't really too different from a normal night but we don't get to spend too many nights together so every "normal" night is a special one, this one just had cards and special champagne to add too it to make it extra special.

I gave Fred his card in the morning before heading to work as it had a big, nice, shiny Valentines button on it and like a good husband he pinned it to his shirt and off to work he went. Of course once at work he changes into chef whites and I think it's a pretty safe bet he did not transfer the button but he wore it the rest of the night once he got home.

As most people know, the stereotypes in our little family are slightly confused and while I do all the driving when we rent cars on holiday, Fred is the chef and prepared me a wonderful dinner. I always have intentions of learning and helping but somehow wind up sitting on the sofa while he pushes on without me. My excuse? The onions hurt my eyes.

Well, my Valentines dinner had my two favorites, a massive piece of fois gras and a whole lobster in both claw and home-made ravioli form with lobster sauce, mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I will happily admit I'm spoiled on the food front and I love it. I devoured all my delicious dinner with a mental side note of doing a bit of excersize again. One day. When the weather's nicer. So, that'll be never. But I'm greedily looking forward to my next lobe of fois gras.

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