Friday, 13 February 2009

My new blog

On the advice of a good friend I'm starting my very own blog. I'm very excited and I really enjoy writing and I love reading other people's blogs but I'm also a bit nervous. In a way it's kinda like getting a new pet and I can't even keep plants alive, so far I've killed 5. This new blog will require patience, attention, determination, care, and most of all commitment but I think I'm up for the challenge. At least if I do wind up "killing my blog" like I've killed my tomato plant, my mint plant, and 3 other plants that I never even knew their type, it'll just wind up in cyberspace heaven or I'm sure I can cancel the account which seems more like getting an annulement, just pretend it never happened.

My mind is always turning with new ideas of things to write about but I certainly hope that I'll also have some personal twists and turns to add as so far 2009 hasn't been a bowl of Marshmallow Blasted Fruit Loops. Instead it's been more like stale Kashi with sour milk, OK, a little extreme as I'm always surrounded by my amazing husband and wonderful friends but it can only really go up from there can't it?

And now, as said husband has come home and has the evening off with me which is a rare occasion we're heading to the pub across the street.

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