Friday, 20 January 2012

12 Months, 4 Continents

Before I really get going on writing about 2012 and how I want to make it better than 2011 because 2011 was such a tough year and I want to make a difference in my life, blah blah blah. I just need to stop right there, give myself a little slap in the face as a reminder of all the wonderful and amazing things that happened and of course there were many. But the most striking thing that happened almost without my realising was that I traveled the world wide, literally. I managed to make it to 4 continents in 12 months which unless you're on your gap year or are Richard Smith is not an easy feat.

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I've always loved to travel, especially to new and exotic places and 2 of these continents were no exception (not to discount NC, NYC, RI, or UK). I managed to hit a massive blizzard in Rhode Island, wound up in an all Asian medical supplies convention in Jakarta, visited Cape Town's biggest township, Khayletisha, and of course ate burgers in each place (@burgerprincess). I need to remind myself what an incredible year 2011 was and hopefully share some of the incredibly exciting adventures I've been on, did someone say swimming with sharks?

To be continued...

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