Tuesday, 24 January 2012

3 Day Detox to Enlightenment

Before I continue with my travel blogs I've got a 2012 update. I bought 'The Juice Master' book nearly a year ago and while I've made many of the juices I have yet to accomplish the 'Juice Master's 3-day Super Juice Detox' that he has in there. I've done all the juices on the detox but I cheated with little things like dinner and wine.

I finally have a 3 day period where Fred will be working doubles so I'm on my own. Fred being at home has always been one of my excuses not to do it because I know that if he were sitting there eating some insane dinner and I was sipping on some juice I'd cave. Or he'd just sit there looking at me like I was crazy. So, I have 3 days on my own and I'm gonna do it. I did think about not publishing this and waiting until I had finished but I think by making it public I'll have to go through with it and finish it. A sort of naming and shaming myself but hopefully in the end I won't be shaming myself.

At the moment my fridge and counter are filled with

*3 carrots
*22 apples
*3 lemons
*1 yellow pepper
*1.5 cucumbers
*3 celery sticks
*3 broccoli stems
*lots of beetroot
*2 bits of ginger
*2 avocados
*1 pineapple
*1lb of spinach

There is a Programme or menu in the book for the 3 days which consists of 'on waking', 'breakfast', 'lunch', 'linner', and 'evening 'meal'', and all the names have detox in them. This is supposed to bring me Enlightenment and maybe I can tell you what the hell that means in 3 days time. It also says to turn off the TV while doing this as watching TV burns less calories than doing nothing (?), you tend to think about food more when watching TV, and of course it will help this path to enlightenment. Henceforth, the TV is off until Saturday, hello 'Hunger Games III'. Until further notice, I will check in tomorrow and we'll see if this Enlightenment stuff just equals HUNGER!!!

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