Sunday, 1 January 2012

I had a very civil NYE last night with a friend whose husband is also a chef and therefore working. We ate and drank and settled down to watch a movie with our bottle of red. We decided on one of the biggest chick flicks of all time as there wasn't a man in sight, Bridget Jones's Diary. It was in the opening scene that I realised how tragically relatable she is, especially as it was New Years Day of her 32 year, that is exactly where I am right now, this very moment. I figured that rather than her red diary a modern Bridget Jones would be sitting there on her iPad typing away. I'm not quite that modern yet as it's just a laptop I'm writing on but we'll see if 2012 brings an iPad my way (hint hint). Aside from the smoking and lack of a man I felt that each and every word that came out of her mouth was taken from a thought in my mind and I have 366 days so that next year I will no longer be the tragic Bridget Jones-alike. Bring it on 2012!

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